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Bliss Baskets & Gift Boxes

Exceptional gifts for Memorable Moments!

Finding the perfect gift can be an exhausting and overwhelming task.  It is our privilege to help you select a gift that will surprise and delight the recipient.
We want to help you say; Congratulations,Thank You, Happy Birthday and everything in between.
We believe that we have the correct balance of traditional and modern gift baskets.   
We strive to make our range of gift baskets as diverse in option as possible to satisfy all our clients tastes, from classic wicker to modern and stylish.
You will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.
We have built up a comprehensive supplier base that keeps us ahead of new trends and products, sourced from across the world, creating a fine balance between local and imported products for our valued New Zealand based customers. 
If you have any queries about any of our products or would like to consult us to further customise your gift please contact us.
Bliss Baskets and Gifts has behind it 10 years of valuable experience and a passionate and dedicated team that pride themselves on each gift that leaves our shop.  We pride ourselves on our imaginative designs and personalised customer service.  
Our distinctive gifts are designed to impress and convey a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness and discerning nature.
Delegate your gifting needs to Bliss Baskets and Gift Boxes with full trust and confidence - we serve New Zealand wide!